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Tax consulting, international tax planning

We have been providing tax consulting services since 1999 and have experience in solving not only tax and accounting issues but, due to more than 5 year experience in a wellknown international law firm, we also advise on the legal matter of Clients business issues. more

Valuation of business

We have an appraiser in our team who has been registered in the list of appraisers at the County Court in České Budějovice, whose specialization is valuation of business. Based on your request we can provide both, Czech and English version of the appraiser’s report. more

Setting-up and registration of new companies

We provide complete range of services (legal, tax and accounting) relating to the commencement of your business activity in the Czech Republic. Based on your request we can review your business model and propose the most suitable legal form of business and, subsequently, we register your new company at the Commercial Register and Tax Office. We also provide registered office/address for your new company. more

Financial analysis, analysis of the business plan and preparation of loan applications

We will carry out the analysis of your company so that you have exact and up-to-date information on the current and, eventually, also on the future development of economic indicators of your business. more

Liquidation of companies

Winding-up and liquidation of your company by a liquidator with many years of practice. more


We take over your accounting agenda and take the full responsibility for the bookkeeping. more

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