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Corporate Income Tax Return

Corporate income tax return

the standard process of preparation of the corporate income tax return consists of the following steps:

  • singing of a contract for provision of tax consulting services, setting of deadlines;
  • granting of a power of attorney by the Client to the tax advisor for the preparation and filing of the tax return (based on this PoA the deadline for filing of the tax return is postponed by 3 months);
  • review of accounting records and meetings with persons responsible for the bookkeeping;
  • preparation of the tax return and its presentation to the Client, approval of the tax return by the Client, subsequent filing of the tax return to the relevant Tax Office;

The process of preparation of the corporate income tax return usual takes not more than 2 weeks, depending on the extent of the Clients business activities and, also, on the quality of the accounting records.

We communicate with the Tax Office electronically via the Tax Portal. Should you wish so, we can activate your electronic tax account/box through which you can communicate directly with tax authorities. You can, for example, review your actual tax liabilities and balances on the various tax accounts, etc.

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